DOMComplete: test case.

Download the source code for this version of DOMComplete-MINI.js
This is a work in progress and have been firstly published 31 Jul 2006.
*** Updated 0.99.8 26/08/2007 (improved IE compatibility)

The same test case working in a HTML example file with no "forced" delays in the output.
All browsers should behave the same and fire after that amount of time, then the images will start loading.

Credits to Weston Ruter who presented the original example test case.

If you are using MSIE, a Gecko-based browsers (like Firefox > 1.5), Opera >= 9 or Konqueor, the functionality
associated with the button on this page should be executed when clicked and before the images are loaded.

* *
* *

The status bar will show an event/property name notification with the number of nodes found at that moment.

In Firefox the status bar content will not be visible until you press the stop button or all the images have been loaded..

Images are reloaded every time the page is refreshed, they will not be cached, no document.write are executed,
the trick to avoid caching is executed entirely in the inline <img> tag by using a blank in the src attribute
and then the onerrror event handler to re-set the src and achieve this poor-man "no-cache" effect.

- For IE use try/catch with the doScroll() method to detect when the DOM is complete
- Using only "document.fileSize" for Internet Explorer at the moment (NOT RELIABLE)
- left out using "onactivate" event and commented "document.activeElement" for now,
  they are good only to start as soon as possible in IE, not to get a node collection
- shortcut has('property') to type check for undefined properties before test its value