Capturing test for the addEvent()/removeEvent().

Does not completely work as expected up to now.

Click on a "Table Cell", it will only work for the first "click", you need to press reload to retry.


Expected results:
two alerts when clicking on a table cell
first alert says "captured for..."
second alert syas "at target..."

This will normally fire in reverse order in IE (bubbling model). In this example only one alert will popup in IE.

Capturing is a really different thing between various browsers, few things can be thought to work equally. This test is just slightly scratching the surface. Hopefully, one day, there will be a standard for the benfit of all. Until then, everything is permitted...

By using the IE specific method setCapture I am able to capture "mousemove" events to drag/resize iframes but here it seems the "onclick" disengages the capturing on the element and in some way it need to be reset.

Notice that the capturing in IE is working on the complete screen area and on all mouse events at once not just on the element it was bound. This is contrary to what happend in Moz/FF/Opera where the capturing is effective only on elements where it was explicitly activated.

The iframes environment where I use the setCapture highly improves user interaction and speed in the drag and resize operations of IE, so I believe the same is valid and could be applied to all mouseover, mouseout and mousemove events equally, probably not to mouse clicks and keyboard events.

Thanks goes to @unl for pointing out this IE bug in Dean blog at